Our production company was created with the aim of producing creative documentary and art films for the cinema and television broadcasters. As creative producers, we are determined to create work with a focus on artistic expression.

We are open to original film ideas, for which we can provide assistance in project development, raise production funds and arrange co-producers.>

We look forward to your film treatments!


As your executive producer we are able to consistently deliver a variety of forms including:

  • - documentaries for television and radio stations
  • - educational films
  • - promotional films
  • - coverage of cultural events (exhibitions, concerts, festivals, performances, etc.)
  • Being proficient in the German language, we have extensive experience as a film production services provider for Germany's leading television and radio stations (ARTE, ZDF, 3sat, WDR, RBB, MDR) as well as independent producers. We specialise in pre-production research, casting, production management, on-the-set interpreting and post production translations.


    Our aim is to provide innovative museum design.We specialise in the interpretive design and production of museum exhibitions based on new technological developments. While creating our museum and exhibition narratives, we strive to strike a sensible balance between the use of multimedia and traditional presentation of exhibits.Our projects include a host of presentation techniques, ranging from simple audio stands, to complex multimedia installations. As part of our comprehensive package, we also offer purpose-made films, animations and visualisations. Our bespoke designs are created in consultation with the museum experts